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Teas Safe for Pregnancy

Teas Safe for Pregnancy


We love to support all our Clean Tea Mama's to be out there find the perfect tea blend they are searching for during this time in their life. It's often difficult to know what teas are actually safe for pregnancy, here you'll be able find the best organic Clean Tea blend that suits you! 

Caffeine Limit During Pregnancy  

During pregnancy its known to limit your caffeine intake. Teas that include black tea, green tea, and chai are safe in limitation but still contain caffeine. Whilst you can enjoy all of our teas listed below; keep this in mind that the recommended limit for caffeine intake while pregnant is 200mg per day. On average, one cup of tea that contains caffeine is around 75mg. Significantly less than a cup of coffee that contains around 140mg. It is important to highlight that everyone metabolises caffeine differently and it is strongly advised to consult with a doctor or specialist to find what is best for Mum and Baby! 

Looking for some more information on caffeine during pregnancy? Check out the link below!  

Teas and Herbs Beneficial for Pregnancy 


Chamomile contains properties that promote sleep, reduces inflammation and help to improve digestion. Pregnancy insomnia commonly affects women in their first and third trimester but can occur at any point during pregnancy. Insomnia can negatively impact you from having an important night's rest. We know how vital sleep is for baby's growth

Along with its light sedative effects Chamomile is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory. Along with growing a baby your body goes through changes that often cause muscle aches, swelling and some pain. Chamomile helps to reduce the inflammation that comes along with these pregnancy symptoms. Anti-inflammatory properties in chamomile also assist and help to sooth digestive implications such as indigestion, heartburn and nausea. If implications with digestion occur during pregnancy improper digestion can struggle to convert the food into nutrients. 

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf tea is thought to assist in priming the uterus for labour and speeding up contractions by increasing blood flow and strengthening the muscles in the uterus. Only recommended to drink after 37 weeks for safety precautions. It is said to reduce labour time and decrease the chances of intervention during birth. 

Peppermint Tea 

Peppermint contains natural properties that assist with reducing nausea, vomiting, easing heartburn, assisting digestion and minimising headaches commonly associated with pregnancy. Peppermint tea soothes stomach nausea so the stomach acid can break down food without causing vomiting. Along with reducing nausea peppermint is great for easing pregnancy related heartburn. Implications with digestion commonly affect pregnant women impacting them from eating essential nutritious food required for a growing baby. 

Peppermint leaf tea contains menthol, this active ingredient is beneficial for easing muscle aches and pains and is commonly used to reduce headaches. Headaches and migraines commonly impact women during their pregnancy,  peppermint is a great way to naturally manage painful headaches that are safe during pregnancy. 

Our AMAZING pregnancy safe Tea Blends: 

Balance Tea Blend 

Balance Tea blend offers a calming and refreshing tea, putting balance back into your day. Its anti-nausea and stomach calming properties are commonly used to help morning sickness or hangovers. Using Spearmint to balance your nervous system and help soothe the digestive system. Chamomile to reduce stress, promote relaxation and reduce inflammation. Peppermint to soothe digestion and provide anti-nausea effects. Lemon balm to ease pains and cramps. Ginger root to reduce feelings of nausea, improve circulation and reduce inflammation. Rest assured knowing a little cup of balance has been added to your life. 

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Lullaby Tea Blend 

Chamomile encourages a restful nights sleep to rest and restore, anti-inflammatory effects reduces irritations and sooth digestion while repairing from within. Lemon Balm relaxes tensions and stress as it assists indigestion, pains and discomfort. Peppermint clears away feelings of anxiety, relaxes muscles in the digestive tract to sooth any digestive implications. Minimises aches and cramps especially good for menstrual pains. Lullaby removes your sleep issues and worries to ensure a restful and restorative nights sleep. Quality Sleep is essential for the body and brain to repair and function. 

“I am absolutely in love with this tea! The Lullaby tea has really made a difference for my third-trimester insomnia.” Sarah 

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Our sweet box contains 3 pregnancy safe teas gift boxed with a complimentary heart tea infuser. Sure to make any mama to be feel relaxed and pampered.

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Will you try herbal teas and blends that support your body and baby though the your pregnancy journey? Promote restful sleep and recovery with chamomile, Raspberry to prime your uterus for labour or Peppermint to naturally reduce headaches, pains and nausea during those difficult trimesters. Feel supported knowing Clean Tea provides clean organic pregnancy safe Teas made for Mum's to be like you! 

Much love,

Clean tea xx