Do what makes your soul shine!

We have created tea blends from the heart that we hope you enjoy and will leave you feeling amazing. Why Clean Tea? Because it is clean of chemicals, artificial colours or flavours. Just organic, natural herbs and fruits in delicious beneficial flavours.

Both living near the beach, we share a love for the ocean, for sunny summer days, healthy meals and delicious teas .

We believe in inner beauty, that you don’t need to be skinny to be beautiful. That beauty is more than skin deep. We want to raise women up, raise strong daughters and be the best version of ourselves. We hope to empower, to bring health, comfort, warmth, and delicious flavours to the world…. one tea cup at a time.

We do not sell “skinny teas”. We want woman (and men) to embrace their bodies and love the skin they are in! You do not have to be skinny to be healthy. Fuel your body with healthy, clean, unprocessed foods and drinks with regular exercise and you will love the feeling your body rewards you with!

All our herbs are organic products, individually hand blended for premium quality. Most of all, we love what we do, and we are passionate about health and wellness.


About Us

Thank you for visiting our website! We really appreciate you stopping by!

Clean Tea was first started in our home town,  a small seaside town called Pottsville, in Northern NSW, halfway between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast. We have recently moved into our new larger factory in the heart of the Byron Arts and Industrial Estate.
Handmade and family operated by a mother and daughter team, we both have a love and passion for health and tea. Customer service is so important to us and we value our customers, please contact us with any questions or concerns, we are always here to help.

We also love feedback and photo’s, please send them in!

Providing customers with the highest level of customer service and products. We aim to excel all customers expectations that purchasing from Clean Tea isn’t just buying tea, its a joyful experience. ​

The Founder

Clean Tea was founded in 2013 by Jordana , beginning with only 3 teas and started as a market stall in Byron Bay.

From Jordana-

A mother of 3 beautiful children; after having my 3rd child, I had a lot of weight to lose. I tried all the diets, tablets, weight loss teas and fads, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to Clean Eating by my mum who is a Naturopath, that the weight started to slowly come off. With a Clean Eating diet and daily exercise, slowly I will reach my goals. I wanted to share the benefits of Clean Eating with other people struggling with their weight or health. I am a massive herbal tea drinker, and I wanted to combine my two passions for health and tea into a range of teas that made you feel good, look good, help you stay on track with your clean eating and ultimately taste good, for everyday!

I Love Tea and I love what I do. Clean Tea has introduced me to so many amazing people and we have had so much fun creating this brand over the last 4 years. Creating new teas and blends sets my soul on fire and every day I am grateful to be able to share my passion with you.

Our Naturopath

Our range of tea’s were designed with Amanda Hunter ND, who has 20 years experience as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, and also Jordana’s mother. ​

​”After my first visit to a naturopath about 25 years ago, I knew this was something I had to know more about.  After three years full time study and winning the Best Overall Naturopath Award, I began to practice in the profession I still love and believe in with a passion.  Over the next twenty years I worked hard to develop a high level of knowledge in the naturopathic field and to maintain the highest standard of care.  I have had my own practice during that time, but have also been privileged to work alongside other experienced practitioners, including doctors.

Much of my focus and interest has been on the health of the digestive tract (gut) – the old saying “your health begins in the gut” is so true.  Your gut influences every aspect of your health and when everything in that area is balanced and healthy, you feel so good and over time, notice other health problems start to drop away.  Stress and stress management, depression and anxiety, hormonal imbalances, immune system problems, pain management and cardiovascular problems are other areas in which I have worked extensively.

I believe being a good Naturopath is also about being a good teacher.  Teaching a client how to improve their health, energy and sense of well being is empowering for that client.  I love that!

To hear from a client “thank you – this has changed my life” – is a reward in itself.”

Amanda Hunter ND