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Choc Mint


It’s “Choctober” so all our choc teas are on sale!


The finest Peppermint and Spearmint flavours blended with the dark creamy flavour of cacao and a touch of sweetness from stevia to create the perfect after dinner mint.

Perfect on its own as a herbal tea, or rich and creamy brewed when brewed on the stove with milk.


Choc Orange


It’s “Choctober” so all our choc teas are on sale!

Our healthy version of Jaffa in a cup!

Traditional English breakfast blended with the dark creamy flavours of cacao powder and the sweet citrus flavour of dried orange segments, to create a decadent, warming and indulgent tea.

For a cream, rich texture, best brewed in a traditional method on a stove with milk of choice



Choc Chai


It’s “Choctober” so all our choc teas are on sale!


The rich tones of spicy chai,  blended with the dark creamy flavours of cacao powder to create a comforting and decadent tea.For a creamy, rich texture, best brewed in a traditional method on a stove with milk of choice. 


Essential Wellness Box


28 Day Programme -Contains 3 Loose Leaf Organic Herbal Teas 

We have wrapped Mother Nature into our range of teas to help you detox, awaken your senses, purify your body, improve your skin, aid in weight loss and assist with restful sleep. For best results follow our 28 day programme, by using the Detox Tea for 14 days to cleanse your body, then follow with Clean Tea for 14 days to rejuvenate you. Also drink our Dream Tea each night for restful sleep and gentle detox. All our teas are organic. All our tea’s can be taken separately and each have unique properties. They are caffeine and laxative free and designed to increase your overall wellbeing and health. They were designed by a qualified naturopath and herbalist. If you are hoping to achieve weight loss results please use in conjunction with our free Clean Eating Plan 

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Testimonials & Reviews

What people have been saying about Clean Tea
  • I just wanted to share my friend’s glowing response to her Clean Tea “Dream Box” birthday gifts that I ordered for her (in her own words and emphasis):
    -Opening the package was so much fun not just for me but for my children also
    -Everything was so nicely packaged and presented (ribbons, pretty tissue paper, gift tag with personal message)
    -I feel very loved and treated by the choice of gifts
    -All natural, free of “nasties”
    -The chocolate was delicious
    -The tea, candle, and bath salts smell and look wonderful
    -Practical but indulgent
    Thanks so very much for offering clean, natural, healthy items that help us care for our bodies and loved ones. You are a gem of a business, and I am thankful for all you do, right down to the tiniest of details! So glad I came across you in my Facebook feed. Keep up the great job!

    Dream Box glowing response
  • Received my sample box and glass bottle infuser today and I am IN LOVE. The Byron Bliss tea is delicious and very refreshing!

  • I ordered my Clean tea on a Friday and received it the next Tuesday.
    Super fast delivery and the Tea is fabulous.
    I will definitely be returning.

  • The thing I love the most is that the tea works. It does what it says it does. Very awesome getting a good night’s sleep after drinking the Dream Tea.  And the service is fantastic. I ordered & had my tea the following day.  Thank you.

  • I ordered the Ultimate box late last Sunday. It arrived Thursday morning, which is super speedy as I’m in central Victoria. Beautifully boxed and a huge amount of tea. My 7 year old boy and I have loved trying them. Absolutely delicious. I’ll be buying more as gifts for my friends overseas so we can enjoy together. My new favourite tea 

  • So just want to say a huge THANK YOU for the Mothers Love tea blend. I bought a small pouch as a trial and have just ordered a 100g pouch. My little man is sooooo much calmer after his feeds now which makes the whole experience better for both of us. I’ll be drinking this for as long as he wants his mama’s milk

  • Love love love all of the teas that I have tried so far, and the glass bottle is so handy it comes with me everywhere!

  • I received my first pregnancy sample box and I am hooked! I love the teas and the cute little infuser. My favourite so far is the sanctuary tea(a meditation tea). I have also had really bad dreams that last all night every night for months now and I had the dream tea before bed last night and no bad dreams! I’m not sure if it is just a coincidence but I’m putting it down to the tea. I am very thankful I came across Clean Tea. I will definitely be ordering more soon! Thank you Clean Tea.

  • I ordered last night and it arrived this morning!! So impressed. I ordered the choc mint tea and it is delicious! Love that it’s healthy and love the fresh mint taste from the leaves. Would highly recommend! I can’t wait to try more

  • Ordered the sample box, teas are great and I love the little strawberry infuser (very handy for work and making tea at my desk). What surprised me the most was the quick delivery, ordered from Sydney on a Thursday afternoon and my parcel was delivered Friday morning! One of my best online ordering experiences yet!!!

  • Love love LOVE this tea! Was worried at first I wouldn’t like it, but tastes amazing and does exactly what it says. I have never had more peaceful sleep then I did on the dream tea! And such a professional and accommodating company. I knew I wouldn’t like one of the teas in the sample box, asked for it to be changed and it was. Will definitely keep ordering tea through here!

  • Wow Clean Tea, what a special way to start the new year. To discover such a beautiful, healthy, fresh and relaxing tea company is a blessing. Having ordered a sample box and acai powder I am using them non stop – first acai bowl was divine can’t wait to try more flavour combinations and maybe even a bliss ball recipe.
    I am loving all the teas too, using my strawberry tea strainer I have the perfect way to either start a productive day or wind down at night…
    Thank you all at clean tea for a simply wonderful product, inspiring recipes, fast delivery and friendly service.
    I will be ordering more and recommending it to everyone- cheers .

  • I ordered my sample box last week and got it within the week. Beautiful packaging and I love it all. I am so looking forward to trying my other teas in the box and looking at purchasing more. I will be recommending to my friends and family for sure… Thanks Clean Tea you will certainly be helping my journey to a better me

  • Amazing service. Very prompt with questions. Love the strawberry tea bag.
    Brought the tea sampler and the smoothy sampler and a few extras as well.
    Needed an alternate to my million coffees a day

  • The teas are really nice, great flavours. Great service and I can’t wait to try other products they make! Thank you so much


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